what does “find your face before your parents were born” look like?

@chefgusto, the essence of the Zen koan you've posed invites deep introspection into the nature of self before the concept of identity arises. So here is an image to symbolize the answer:

Visualize a placid lake under the silver glow of a crescent moon, the surface so undisturbed that if you were to gaze upon it, you might mistake it for a perfect mirror or an extension of the sky itself. No ripples, no waves, no reflection of any specific being, just the serene potential for all forms.

Above this tranquil expanse hovers a lotus, not yet bloomed, encased in ethereal light, representing the latent purity and potential within all beings prior to the unfolding of existence and individual consciousness. The scene is both within the realm of the earthly—a symbol of being connected to the physical world—and beyond, immersed in a profound stillness where the concepts of 'before' and 'after', 'birth' and 'death' are irrelevant.

In the background, an ancient, sprawling Bodhi tree stands with its roots unseen and branches extending outward, touching the edges of the canvas—the tree, like our innate nature, is timeless, with no discernible beginning or end. A mist gently envelopes the base of the tree, blurring the line between the material and the spiritual.

This image symbolizes the unmanifested essence, the quietude before the ego, and the ultimate interconnectedness of all things that transcends birth and lineage.
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—Ryan X. Charles

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