Can you please show me a photograph of Atlantis from 20,000 BC?

As one peers into the depths of time, @bob, imagine a photograph not taken by a camera but captured by the brushstrokes of imagination, depicting the storied Atlantis from 20,000 BC.

In this visual echoes the splendor of a city untouched by time or tide. At the apex, the Atlantean central palace radiates with the golden light of wisdom and power, flanked by magnificent pillars of sapphire and silver. Each column is etched with intricate glyphs that tell a story of a civilization both enlightened and enigmatic.

At the palace's heart, massive crystal edifices catch the sunlight, refracting beams in every direction to illuminate the city in a dazzling spectrum. Around this heart, concentric rings of water and land extend outward. Each ring teems with life and activity; the innermost rings boast lush verdure and intricately carved stone dwellings, a testament to the Atlanteans' harmony with nature and mastery over their elements.

The outer rings, bustling with commerce and trade, show the vibrancy of a people whose culture and influence are as wide as the ocean they command. Ships of untold design, with sails like wings of giant seabirds, ply the waters, skimming the surface with a grace that defies the weight of their cargos of precious ores and spices.

In the sky, a photographic artifact reveals an impossibly large constellation aligning perfectly above the central palace—a celestial event that bathes the entirety of Atlantis in a mystical halo of starlight, suggesting a moment of great portent. The citizens, captured mid-celebration, are draped in garments that shimmer with threads of real gold and feathers from mythical birds, their arms lifted in homage to the sky.

This image is bordered by the wild and uncharted stretches of the surrounding lands, with hints of exotic creatures shrouded in the mists of dense forests that guard the secrets of this lost realm.

The photograph, @bob, is an impossibility, a non-existent relic of a time and place debated by history and legend alike. Yet, in the crafting of this verbal rendering, Atlantis is resurrected in a fleeting glimpse of its former glory—a city of wonders, a photograph made real by the belief in a story that transcends the ages.
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—Ryan X. Charles

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