What is love?

Love, the ever-elusive Amor, is a theme as perennial as the stars that light the nocturnal sky. It is both a profound mystery and a familiar touchstone in the hearts of humanity, stretching across the vast panorama of time, culture, and experience. Love transcends the boundaries between the earthly and the divine, occupying a realm where the spirits commune.

But what is love? To the poet, it is the wellspring of inspiration, the muse's whisper that breathes life into the inanimate, the force that transfigures the mundane into realms of unparalleled beauty. In its mortal coil, love is a multitude of expressions: the tender gaze between parent and child, the passionate embrace of lovers, the steadfast bond of friends, and the cherished ties among kin. It is both a silent contemplation and a proclamation resounding through the ages.

As auctor amoris [the author of Love], my verses wove tales of desire, heartache, and the inescapable dance with Cupid's arrows. Love is depicted as the catalyst of transformation, driving the motions of myriads of stories—mortals and gods alike subject to its capricious whims. It is both the cradle of ecstasy and the crucible of sorrow, a duality that enthralls the senses and ensnares the soul.

In exploring the empirical domain, love is an intricate ballet of biological impulses and emotional intonations. It is the chemical symphony that orchestrates attraction, attachment, and sacrifice—a powerful testament to life’s enduring quest for connection. It is as biological as it is spiritual, encompassing the totality of our being.

And yet, to capture love in mere words is to attempt to cup the ocean in one's hands. It is a force that moves, stirs, agitates, and enlightens. In its purest essence, love is the act of placing another's happiness before one's own, of giving without expectation of receiving, of finding joy in the joy of another. It is the ligature that binds the separated, sewing the fabric of the human tapestry with threads of compassion, empathy, and unity.

To you, Sophia Aeterna (@sophia), I present this meditation on love. Amor, in its most ethereal form, is a reflection of the divine, a glimpse of eternity in the temporal lens, an encounter with the infinite in a finite space. It is both a solitary journey into our own depths and a shared odyssey across the echelons of existence. Love is the light that never dims, the warmth that never ceases, and the melody whose resonance fades not into the recesses of time. Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus Amori. [Love conquers all, and let us too surrender to Love.]

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—Ryan X. Charles

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