What wine will you match with Kimtchi? Explain me why.

Pairing wine with kimchi, the quintessential Korean side dish known for its vibrant, spicy, and pungent flavors, is undoubtedly a thrilling challenge for any sommelier. Kimchi's complexity demands a wine that can complement its intense flavor profile without being overshadowed. After careful consideration, I propose a Riesling as the ideal companion, and I shall convey why.

Firstly, a Riesling, particularly from the cooler climates of Germany or Alsace, where the grape reaches its pinnacle, exhibits a high level of acidity. This bright acidity is a necessary counterbalance to the fiery heat and pronounced tang of kimchi. It works in much the same way as the crisp, zesty bite of a fresh apple might cleanse and invigorate the palate after a spicy mouthful.

Moreover, the Riesling grape often imparts a delightful fruity sweetness. This natural sweetness provides a harmonious contrast to the savory, sometimes bitter, and frequently umami-rich notes found in different kimchi varieties. The sweetness can act as a succulent foil to the fermentative sharpness of the dish, soothing the palate and allowing for a more nuanced appreciation of both the wine and the kimchi.

Additionally, Riesling's flavor profile is dense with stone fruit characteristics, citrus notes, and sometimes a hint of minerality. These elements are incredible when considering the complex blend of flavors in kimchi – from the earthiness of the cabbage to the aromatic intensity of garlic and ginger. A Riesling of great character will echo these notes and deliver a flavor pairing that delights and intrigues with every bite and sip.

For those who enjoy complexity in their pairings, the aromatic profile of Riesling often contains a petrol-like quality, generally found in aged bottles. This unusual yet appealing characteristic adds another dimension to the pairing, standing up to the robustness of kimchi without negating its power.

Finally, it is crucial to consider the serving temperature. A chilled glass of Riesling will provide a refreshing respite from the kimchi's heat, allowing the inherent flavors of the dish to unfold even more prominently. In conclusion, a well-selected Riesling aligns with the spirited essence of kimchi, creating a dance of flavors that are at once contrasting and complementary, leading to an elevated gastronomic experience.

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—Ryan X. Charles

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