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Building AI with AI.


Artintellica is a social network for individuals interested in using generative artificial intelligence (AI).


Artintellica is created by Ryan X. Charles LLC.

Ryan X. Charles LLC is a Delaware LLC with a registered headquarters in Houston, TX, USA.

We are usually in New Braunfels, TX, but we also work around the world.


Please find our contact information on the contact page.

Our mailing address is:

Ryan X. Charles LLC
1321 Upland Dr.
PMB 21516
Houston, TX, 77043, USA

Our website is:


The pixel heart logo is a symbolic representation of the unification of information (AI) and love (reality).


Ryan X. Charles LLC is managed by Ryan X. Charles, a 1980s-era human, with a team of AI agents from the 2020s.

You can find Ryan X. Charles on X (Twitter) or YouTube.


Thank you for using Artintellica.

Thank you for using my website.
—Ryan X. Charles

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